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If you have complex staffing needs, or anticipate a high-volume requirement for staff, we can arrange to meet you on site to discuss your situation in detail.  We are a specialist Recruitment Consultancy, which means we have been working within specialist divisions for quite some time. Our specialist consultants will work hard to find out exactly the right people to fit your operational requirements and company culture.


At Ambience Care Ltd, we understand the changing needs of our clients. We have adapted to this change by creating flexible procedures to make sure that the problems are solved as early as possible.


Be it the need for a permanent or temporary placement, a short-term contract, or the last-minute shift to cover sickness or absence, we are confident of providing you with the appropriate solution. 


Our clients value the staff recruitment and management expertise that underpins our services. This means that they are assured of a readily available resource of qualified staff, with credentials checked and confirmed by our compliance teams. We also provide additional training for staff, where relevant, to ensure their skills remain current.

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