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Senior Health Care Assistant- Taunton & Bath


 Location: Taunton and Bath

Position: Senior Health Care Assistant

Salary: £ 14.90 – £16.0
Hours: Full time / Part time



Job Description:

The role of a senior Healthcare Assistant is to care for older people as well as manage other care workers. Senior care workers provide a safe environment for older people and facilitate their comfort.


Senior Healthcare Assistant takes care of older people by supporting their needs within care establishments, day care establishments or in their own home. A senior Healthcare Assistant must have Icare Medication Software Training Certificate.


Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Being caring, sensitive and understanding

  • Having patience and knowing how to remain calm in stressful situations

  • Being able to lead a team of care workers and having the ability to work well with other health professionals

  • Being energetic, resourceful and having a caring nature

  • Having an attentive ear and excellent communication skills

  • Having stamina and being able to keep up with work that requires high levels of energy

  • Displaying a good sense of humour

How to Apply if you are a School Cook in Cowper Street, London:

All you need to do is simply click apply or contact:


Consultant Name :  Prithila Karim


Contact: 033 3880 6957

Thanks for submitting!

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